AgriBio 'Fixine' Probiotic Blend

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Fixine is a live and fresh probiotic blend with a natural carrier agent. It is made right here in New Zealand and is certified organic!

Feeding probiotics can greatly benefit horse health and performance. Any form of stress can be detrimental to the gut microbiome which in turn can cause a number of issues relating to horse health and performance.  Populating the gut with beneficial bacteria through using a probiotic has been shown to have to have a number of positive outcomes.  For example,

Improved immunity, through helping to prevent undesirable pathogenic microorganisms from getting established in the gut of the animal and helping to boost the immune system.
Improved coat and hoof health.
Improved conditioning, appetite and feed utilisation.
Improved behaviour – many behavioural issues such as being grumpy, girthy, nervous, aggressive etc can be related to pain or discomfort in the gut.
Helping to combat hind gut acidosis caused by high starch diets.
Helping to reduce the occurrence of stomach ulcers.

It is a blend of live probiotics Lactobacillus, Bacillus subtillis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and we use Zeolite as a base.  Zeolites have been shown to have toxin binding properties, have a gut pH buffering effect as well as reduce the negative impact of nematode (worm) infections in young animals.  Such beneficial effects of zeolite are very complimentary to those of probiotics and it is likely the combination of the two supplements convey enhanced benefits to horse welfare and performance.  This is not only suitable for horses, we have had great results on calves, chickens, goats and deer.

Feeding Rates:

Horses & Ponies: 15-20gm per 100kg per day, Yearlings 20-30gm per yearling per day

Dairy & Beef: 80-150gm per cow/day, yearling 50-80gm per cow/day, Weaned calf 30-50 per calf/day, Young Calf 15-30gm per calf/day

Goats: adults 20-30gm per goat/day, KID: 5-20gm per kid/day

Sheep: Adult 20-30gm per sheep/day, Hoggart 15-20gm per hoggart/day, Lamb 10-15gm per lamb/day.