Horseware Amigo AmEco Bravo 12 Plus Turnout 100g

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Innovation for a greener future starts here.

The AmEco turnout is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, giving waste a second life with rPET fabric. rPet stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate or recycled PET. 

The actual production of rPET fabric requires less water, less chemicals and produces 65% less greenhouse gas emissions than the production of virgin polyester yarns!

rPET polyester material is strong durable and fully comparable to standard polyester fabric, with the bonus of recycling.



  •      Eco-friendly waterproof and breathable fabric
  •      1200D rPET polyester outer
  •      rPET 100g fiberfill
  •      Disc front closure
  •      Silky shoulder, mane and tail flap lining
  •      Liner loops make this rug compatible with the HWI Liners
  •      Three cross over surcingles
Teal with Grey