Back On Track EQ3 Lynx Strass Micromocca

Riding helmet - Best in test 2018 by the insurance company Folksam in Sweden Equine helmet from Back on Track in the EQ3 Lynx model, with screw adjustment for improved fit and the innovative MIPS system. Back on Track is the only brand in Sweden that yet offers the MIPS Brain Protection System as a part of their equine helmets and is an innovative system whose technology imitates the head's own functions. It also protects the head in rotational motions, when the skull is the most vulnerable.

Inner part of Coolmax® removable and washable.

Marked with safety standard CE VG1 101.040 2014-12.

Model: EQ3 LYNX Micromocca

Colour: Silver Sand = Black with glitter

Sizes: S (50-53) M (54-58) L (59-61)

Blue Sparkle
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