Back on Track Knee Boots

Size Guide

For prevention and maintenance.

The Knee Boots are one of Back on Track's most unique and vital equine garments. Horses of all breeds and ages are very prone to arthritic changes in the knee (carpus) area. Often horses who show signs of discomfort through the saddle and back areas, have arthritic conditions in the knee area, and treatments of the saddle and back areas are wasted as they are not focussing on the origin of the problem. The knee boots are absolutely vital to be used pre-competition. They can help to alleviate arthritic inflammation and consequently improve your horses mobility and performance. Available only as pairs, in small, medium or large.

Tip: If the knee boot tends to slip down the leg, bandage a pillow wrap or use a Royal Quick Wrap on the tendon area to eliminate slipping.

Fabric: 100% Welltex polypropylene ceramic textile.