Bootilicious Sheepskin Lined Front Boots

Bootilicious Sheepskin Lined Front Boots

  • $175.00
Includes GST

Hinterland's Bootilicious Sheepskin Boots are specially designed for sensitive skinned horses.

Supremely practical, with wide elastic fastening.

Beautifully soft and comfortable for the horse with memory foam padded Sheepskin lining.

Durable with anatomically shaped patches of harder cow hide where your horses legs need the most protection.

Beautifully styled, with this season's updated signature navy and blue elastic straps and detailed white stitching.

The sheepskin is not removable, but because our leather is so soft and durable, they may easily be cleaned with wool wash, dried with a towel and left in the shade to dry.  The leather is then treated and they are as good as new!

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