Hidez Compression Hood

  • $179.00
Includes GST

Raceday legal with NZTR

Medium sizing fit average NZ throughbred and standardbred.

Race day colours available expect 2 week delivery. Please place colour and size details in note section when checking out. 

Hidez Compression hoods can be worn alone, or with other Hidez products. It can be worn in the stall, trailer, during turn out, and during work. The hood compress the face, poll and jaw. By massaging acupressure points, increasing circulation to the head and releasing endorphins, the hood help with the following (NOT LIMITED TO):
​Aids in poll flexion​
​Helps TMJ issues
​Decreases anxiety, and nervousness
Increases focus
​Reduces cribbing, and weaving
​Sinus issues (reducing discharge)


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