Hyland Track Saddle Pad

Size Guide

Kersey Wool Track Pads

Extra high vinyl strips and neck wear
*Marine Vinyl used which maximizes strength and durability in the harshest of conditions with scratch resistant surface but still with a soft feel for maximum comfort.


Reflective strip both sides. If no names on pads then the reflective is placed on a diagonal as seen in the main image.
If names or logos applied, the reflective will be in strips above and below the printing (as seen in the image supplied)

Thick foam, heavy duty binding
Full size: 940mm x 690mm
Wool: 2 Colours

Extras: Name/Initials on both sides *Surcharges apply
Maximum print area: 200mm x 300mm
Names/Logos printed on to heavy duty fabric and stitched onto the vinyl at the back on both sides of the pad