Stride Free Race Saddle 1kg

Size Guide

Each race saddle is made from top quality materials that have been tested for durability. The weights of the saddles start at 190g and range up 2kg. The underside of the saddle features non slip closed cell foam which enables you to use the saddle with minimal padding. Girth straps are readily available for easy replacement so you will never be without your saddle (excluding the 190g where the girth straps are fixed).

The Stride Free tree is a full tree, which is extremely flexible and allows the saddle to shape to the horse's back movements. It is a fact that a horse's stride length will only stretch as far as the horse's nose. The StrideFree race saddle is designed to give the ultimate comfort to allow the horse to use its full length of stride.

The Stride Free 195g Saddle is currently available in store in white patent

Red 1kg
Black with red trim 1kg