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Hippo Health Braveheart 90ml

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Braveheart is ideal for people when the pressure is on to perform or you feel overwhelmed or fearful. Anytime when your heart is racing or your hands are trembling and courage is needed. 

Oral drops available in sweet glycerine base or alcohol base
Competition safe (not swab-able)

When symptoms arise, take 2 pumps orally onto the tongue, wait about 5 mins and repeat 2 pumps orally, up to 4 doses, but stop dosing as soon as symptoms begin to ease. Some people only need one dose, others need 3 or 4. Relief usually lasts for a couple of hours but if symptoms return then repeat the dosage regime.

You can also use this remedy preventatively, taking a dose before exposing yourself to likely triggers. 


* Oral drops available in sweet glycerine base or alcohol base.

* Safe, non-toxic ingredients

* Safe to use alongside prescription medications

* Non-addictive

* Competition safe (not swab-able)

* Gluten and Dairy free

* All remedies have a shelf life of 2 years


Warning: Always read the label. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional. Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Store below 40°C, away from direct sunlight and strong smelling substances.