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KM Elite - Pro Mesh Event Boot, Front

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KM Elite Pro Mesh Eventing Boot

The KM Elite Pro Mesh Eventing Boot offers great all round protection. Made with a unique, superior protective breathable mesh and anti slip comfort lining. The boots are a perfect choice for cross country events.

Strong & Flexible

The boots are fitted with a strong yet flexible “Pebax” strike guard. This gives great protection to the tendon area. The Pebax strike guard is rigid where needed but flexible to form a comfortable fit on the horses leg. Holes in the strike guard allow air to flow and heat to escape.


The Pro Mesh integrated layer is perforated and allows optimum air flow, therefore keeping the legs and tendon cool. The inner layer prevents any sand and dirt penetrating through the boot mesh.

Pro Mesh provides excellent impact protection, but also flexes with the movement of the horses leg, offering outstanding comfort.


The Hexagonal pro mesh shell offers great protection and air flow whilst also providing superior lightness, unrivalled by other boots on the market. The boots are water resistant and do not absorb water. This therefore keeps them lightweight and prevents the boot from slipping down the legs.

Anti Slip.

The comfort anti slip liner offers a glove like fit. The hypoallergenic material resist mould and bacteria growth, which is perfect for horses with sensitive skin.

The KM Elite Eventing Boot is available in Front and Hind with 2 Straps and also Hind Large with 3 straps for larger horses.