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PS of Sweden Paladin Bridle

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This bridle is designed for the slightly more sensitive dressage horse and shares many features with our Paragon bridle, with the biggest difference being the Aachen strap on this bridle. The bridle is suitable for both dressage and jumping.



  • This bridle has a more classic dressage design and is perfect for a horse where you want more anatomical features than a regular English noseband. The noseband is designed to avoid pressure from the outside on the teeth and sensitive nerves. The curved design of the noseband leaves the cheekbones and sensitive nerve endings completely free. The upper strap of the noseband is tightened with a pull-back snap, which ensures that the pad underneath is always centered for optimal pressure distribution.
    The area around the horse's neck behind the ears is a very sensitive area with a lot of nerves and ligaments. To facilitate pressure from the bridle, we have developed a headpiece that is extra wide. The headpiece also has a cutout at the top, which evenly distributes the pressure and does not focus on a single point. The headpiece is also cut to provide space for the horse's ears - all to provide the highest possible comfort.
    Our cheekpieces are specially designed to reduce pressure from the neck through our elastic CradlesTM. A "cradles" is an extra elastic band on which the bit should rest. The elastic band is located partly in the cheekpieces at the bit, but also on our reins. The idea is that they should act elastically and provide a higher degree of comfort for the horse, as they should allow the bit to "bounce." This will relieve teeth and jaws from static pressure. Many believe that horses prefer this type of bridle, and that it can be gentler and more horse-friendly than regular bridles and reins. On this bridle, the seams are rounded and there are also optional "cradles" with a French hook, making it easy to detach the "cradles" when entering the dressage arena.
    The browband is U-shaped to prevent pressure on the horse's forehead and eye socket. Today, all our browbands have a rubber-coated inside, called "anti-slip," which should help the browband stay up and prevent it from slipping down. As if this were not enough, we also have our beloved Click-ItTM function, which makes it easy to remove and replace the browband as needed, even when the horse is wearing the bridle.
    The bridle is approved for competition in all disciplines in Sweden and within FEI. Remember to buy a jaw strap and attach it to your browband, and make sure the vaggas are detached during dressage competitions.
Recommended for horses that:
* Are very sensitive to pressure
* Have difficulty relaxing and coming to work
* Have difficulty taking support on the bit
* Have previously had bit- or tooth-related injuries
* Can sometimes become strong.

Extra features:
* Avoids pressure
* Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free
* Pullbackstrap 
* Flat, Italian, vegetable-tanned leather
* FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines when throatlatch is added

Please note:
* The throatlatch is not included with the bridle
* Comes with PS bridle bag
* Reins are not included with the bridle and needs to be purchased separately